Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Divine Decade: "Dior Glamour" by Mark Shaw

If you are in love with vintage fashion or better, if you love Dior haute-couture, you will surely enjoy Mark Shaw's photographs in Rizzoli's newly released book, "Dior Glamour", which covers the alluring and divine decade of the luxurious brand, from 1952 to 1962. The American photographer,who worked for Life magazine during that time, captured unique shots of debutantes, models, actresses and socialites wearing gorgeous ballgowns, stylish suits and charming haute-couture. It's a visual delight! With some of the first photographs ever shot in color, the book is a quest within a remarkable and creative era of Paris's top couturier Christian Dior. Here are some exception pictures from this book:
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Info:"Evening dress, Autumn-Winter 1953 Haute Couture collection, Vivante line."
Info: "Autumn/Winter Haute-Couture Collection 1953, Vivante line."
Info:"Autumn/Winter Haute-Couture Collection 1953, Vivante line."
Info:"Ensemble from the Spring-Summer 1960 Haute Couture collection, Silhouette de demain line."
Info: "Conspiration ensemble, Autumn-Winter 1954 Haute Couture collection, H line."
Info:"Romance dress, Spring-Summer 1960 Haute Couture collection, Silhouette de demain line."
Info:"The iconic Kouka modeling Bohan's wedding dress in Dior's Grand Salon. In her opinion, 'the fashion house was temple-like,' a world of good taste and general excellence."
Info: Autumn/Winter 1961, same Dior coat in orange, beige, black & white tweed
Info: Lola dress, Autumn/Winter 1958 Haute-Couture Collection

pictures by Mark Shaw for Dior Glamour, photos & info via The Cut & The Daily Beast
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