Sunday, October 27, 2013

Handiras, Enchanting Morrocan Wedding Blankets

It's time for a little bit of chic decor! Better said, it's time for handiras! If you haven't heard of them yet, don't worry, after this post, not only will you acknowledge their existence but you'll love them. After admiring the breath-taking La Gazelle d'Or resort, we're going to stay in this country for a bit more to appreciate the magnificent handcrafted work of these lands. The Moroccans are known for their beautiful handmade carpets and rugs. If you stroll the Moroccan bazaars, it's impossible not to meet a highly eager shop owner who will happily unroll his carpets for you.

The Moroccan wedding blankets, traditionally referred to as handiras, have become incredibly popular because of their unique and exotic design. In a variety o patterns, vintage or modern, the blankets incorporate various elements such a shiny metal sequins, bushy and kilim bands or traditional symbols. These artistic blankets look perfect as bed covers, carpets or wall hangings. Enjoy!


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