Sunday, November 24, 2013

Visual Sunday #2: The Irish Twist

 The Irish whiskey brand Tullamore Dew released a charming commercial that fell perfectly into place with the gloomy autumnal atmosphere of my city.  Today, very early in the morning, I came across the video and somehow, the typically Irish landscape and the beautiful song playing in the background completed the picture of my morning. I invite you to see the 3 minute video below:

The ad doesn't hold back from exploiting the Irish stereotypes and cliches while still managing to deliver a fresh twist and a good surprise to the audience. In addition to the creative story, the fine gentlemen who stroll around the hills to arrive at a graveyard and share a glass of whiskey, the music playing in the background completes the film perfectly. Enjoy!

Here is a collage of my favorite elements that make this film visually good.

Video directed by Laurence Dunmore


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